Types of Property Search

Local Search

This shows the planning history of the property; any proposals for new roads or traffic schemes; conservation areas and any other matters within the council’s control that may affect the property. 


Water & Drainage Search

This will show whether the drains run into a public or private sewer and whether the property has a mains water supply. It will also show whether a public sewer runs under the property.


Environmental Search

This will show if there are any landfill or waste disposal sites in the area. It will also show if the property has been built on an old industrial site or whether there are any risks from contaminated land, flooding, subsidence etc.


Chancel Repair Search

This checks to see whether the property may be within the boundaries of a historical parish that has a right to claim money from the property owner for repairs to a church chancel. This medieval right is still capable of being enforced today. The recent case of Aston Cantlow v Wallbank contested an initial repair bill of £6,000 and resulted in a final bill of approximately £250,000. You may still be liable whether or not the property is in a rural area or near a church. Where liability may apply it is possible to take out chancel liability insurance.


Coal Mining Search

This checks to see whether the property may be affected by subsidence as a result of historical or present day mining activity. Only certain areas of the country will require a coal mining search.

Some Useful Definitions

We know that buying a house is not something you do every week and that some of the terms we use may be confusing or difficult to understand therefore, we have included a Legal Jargon Buster that you may find useful.